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An Evening With Michelle Obama

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

There will always be a hundred reasons why you should not do something and 1 reason why you should. There were. There was. I did.

She is such a role model.

Not only for every woman who aspires to play bigger and make a bigger impact in the world but for also each one of us, who sometimes, has self-doubt and faces people or events that pull us down.

‘Don’t let anyone dim your light!’ she said. She stands for so much. About living your life with confidence and meaning, #defyingexpectations, #notgivingup, facing the ups and downs with grit and resilience to #overcomeobstacles and #becoming (more) #YOU!

So, yes, I went to meet Michelle Obama.

Top 3 Takeaways for me:

1. The ‘rough times’ are just the blips. So much magic is yet to come!

2. What you are doing is for the ones who are yet to come. You just keep doing the work without knowing if you will live to see it.

3. Don’t worry about others’ expectations of you. You just be YOU, own your struggles - allow your unique story to be known and that is how you #BECOME the person that you mean to be!

What an evening- packaged and organized so well by the team at

Singapore 14th Dec 2019

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