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It took me a few years to get work on this dream going. Like it is said, there is a time for everything, and the time had come in 2019, for this book to come to life. I needed the right combination of people in my life, especially the person who would be my co-author. Magically, the book layout designer, the many professional photographers who would add beauty to this book and the eclectic mix of contributors whose words would be powerful enough to add magic to many lives, all started falling into place one by one. 

I can say this book is truly a labor of love and would not have been made possible without all those who have been the wind beneath my wings and especially Shikha Rinchin Tiku, whose 'Spontaneous YES" to my 'Crazy ASK' added more speed and enthusiasm to make this book go from naming to printing in a year.

SYZYGY is a unique word with no vowels. It refers to a collinear configuration of three celestial bodies. ‘A conjunction or opposition, especially of the Moon and the Sun with another celestial body' - the latter, oftentimes our very own Earth.

For us, SYZYGY holds a world within. It signifies the moments where the heart, the mind, and the soul are aligned and are one with purpose. 


SYZYGYmoments is a compilation of quotes, life philosophies and exquisite pictures from over a hundred thinkers, believers, and leaders across the globe, driven by a compelling desire to bring an idea to life. 

SYZYGYmoments aims to ignite the hearts, inspire the minds and gratify the souls of the readers so that they could channel their intentions and energy towards purposeful action.


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