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I don't know and yet I do..

[On the mundane reality of the daily grind, the emotional roller coaster and believing in the

indomitable human spirit that continues to strive, create and thrive.]


Life is a contradiction.

There is pleasure yet tonnes of pain,

There is purpose yet it all seems in vain, There is sunshine and darkness too, The water boils somewhere and somewhere freezes too. I know i have feelings but i also feel numb, I know i am smart yet also am dumb. I can see beauty in sunshine and also feel the heat, I know its two faces of the same coin yet they never can meet.

I have seen the rainbow come up in and also be drowned by the rain, I have seen all the sanity in my life driving me completely insane. I have thought about the birds that fly so high in the sky And thought, in the next moment about the snails that get crushed n die.. I call upon the angels to pick me and take me for a ride.. but then, i cannot seem to, also,shed off the devil's hide ! I hope that at the end of the day - after all the discipline, toil and pain, I will be able to see my own old self in the mirror and smile wickedly again !

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