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Just Be..

Nobody's Princess. Nobody's Queen.

Doing all the things that (little) girls do ..and some more as I grew up.

Life has been a whirl wind..

I can remember..

At 3, running behind butterflies,

At 5, building mud vessels and baking them in the sun,

At 7, climbing trees, plucking mangoes and walking on the boundary walls,

At 10, brushing my hair and trying to get into mom's shoes and clothes,

At 13, gazing at the stars and listening to a friend playing melodies on the guitar.

Then, scraping through school, and later through college.

So many people passed through my life,

suddenly from daddy's girl, I was someone's wife.

A few more years dealt me some more hands ..

I threw away the hair clips, I abandoned the hair bands.

When talking to mom - hair would go behind the ears,

after an evening out, I would be rid of life's fears.

But time has flown by, and I am a little girl again...

I sit on the bus stop.

I count the red cars zooming past me..

I gaze at the raindrops falling on the window pane,

and am amazed why everyone wants to stay so sane..

At 38, I am still the same..

wishing desperately that i could be more tame.

But nothing helped and nothing changed,

only a painting added on the wall, now framed.

Am running around, then am suddenly still ...

I start thinking what has, what is, what will.

I look back and think ..where all did i go..

Everything seems like it was yesterday, and still so long ago.

Now, sometimes, suddenly, life stops.

There are no yesterdays...

No tomorrows and no day-after days...

Everything is just is...

now, here and with me.

It's time to be quiet and

let the feelings just be.

Nobody's Princess. Nobody's Queen.

Revel in what i am...just be myself.. me..

Just be by myself, Just me...


[Add on (Jan 2020)]

A dozen years passed, I realized, with a chill.

Am running around, then am suddenly still ...

I start thinking what has, what is, what will.

So much more have I seen,

so many more places I have been.

Love, struggles, losses galore,

laughter lines, love handles - I added some more.

Some peace, some grace, sometimes a loving gaze,

this life, its ups and downs, still remain a maze.

But, with a smile on my lips and a twinkle in my eye,

I still hop, skip and jump, and gaze at the sky.

Because I know now, sad I don't need to be,

I have my 'me' and 'purpose' I can see.

Nobody's Princess. Nobody's Queen.

Revel in who i am...just be myself.. just me.

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