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This is a #GratitudePost.

I was feeling sad this morning that I had been a naggy mother and gave my son a really hard time yesterday night (also because I was having a bad day myself). So, I went to work on his website to fix a broken link that he needed help with as a peace offering (unknown to him) and started listening to his #podcast episode on #Dyslexia.

20 mins later, I am feeling more blessed and more charged up. So, this is a gratitude post - for him and all those who have been a part of his journey or blessed him - Thank you! ...I am so blessed to be his mother.

If you have not yet heard about his mission of spreading awareness about special needs and learning disabilities, please click the link below and listen to one of his podcast episodes when you have 20 mins. Or you could just read a blog post and help him in his mission.

He will be publishing the 4th episode next month and I am so looking forward to it. Love you Yash! Thank you for being YOU and inspiring me to be a better version of myself!

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