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Getting wet in the rain...

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I was walking on the road.

And I saw a rainbow.. far far away.

I wanted to touch it and kept walking towards it.

One day passed, one week passed, one month passed.

Another month, then another and another and another...

i started getting closer and closer.

It seemed that the rainbow was for me.

It was what made the world so special for me....

So it went on - and I lost track of time, space, day, night.

I had only one dream - I wanted to gather the rainbow in my arms.

Wanted to be wrapped in it..

to be immersed in the glorious colors of nature.

Feel the falling raindrops on my face,

let the sunshine warm my heart -

Lose myself in the wonder of it all.

When I reached out, I could feel the vibrancies of the colors,

but, somehow, many times, when I tried to hug it to me,

suddenly the sunshine was gone, it was cloudy, and the rainbow disappeared.

When the sunshine disappeared, I felt alone and so lonely.

It dawned on me that maybe I tried too hard to get there..

to be one with something that was a figment of my own imagination.

Something that was just a trick of the light,

Little moments of joy that I was trying to stretch into happiness.

It was a vision floating in my own mind.

I dreamt up the sunlight, I made it rain.

I drew the rainbow myself , in my own mind.

And I thought it was there to stay. with me.

That it would color my life. Forever.

It never occurred to me, that the raindrops were but a showering of a passing cloud.

the brilliance was just the sun peeking out for a little stretch .

It takes rain and sunshine to make up the wonder that is a rainbow.

It cannot rain forever, the clouds also need a break.

The sun cannot keep shining in my life alone,

it must also spread light on the other end of the world.

Sometimes, they visited me together - and glorified me.

what remains, is only the experience of this wonder of nature.

The beauty of a moment, that will stay etched into my mind,

it is my own special memory.

It is nice that I had the chance to have an experience like this .

And maybe there will come another moment -

when I will get wet in the rain again,

while the sunshine spreads its warmth on my face.

It may or may not be...

In the meantime, at least I am getting wet in the rain.

Letting it wash my tears away.

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