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In the end...

In the end,

there is always a new beginning.

The dark dusky sky

will be lit up in the dawn.

The waves will wash over the sand,

And recede - only to come back again.

Stronger than ever..

The storm will leave behind a hush,

that'll be broken by the chirping birds...

At the end of the tunnel,

there is always a light..

When u reach the dead end of the road,

just soar and let yourself go...

Up and away, from what seems like the end.

Find yourself a new flight...

Like the sprinter who raced with his heart,

When he steps over at the end line,

Putting everyone behind him,

He makes a new beginning...

Like my little boy,

While swimming,

At the end of the lap, he just turns around.

And everyone just stands and watches.

So will I.

I will fear not the end..

It's time.

For a new beginning.

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