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It came from Nowhere

The truth. It is.

And it came from nowhere.

Life's simplest pleasure and deepest pain.

In a moment, i was lost.

It happened. Again n again.

It stormed on me suddenly.

and i never felt i was in the eye.

soft, yet strong.

gusty winds, that hadn't ruffled a hair.

Yet - the wind willed it all away.

the purple haze, the dove's morning grey.

the sun will beat down bright. the moon has no say.

never say never. nothing's there to stay.

forgotten dreams. brushed thoughts.

empty words. feelings in clots.

it cannot be felt.

cannot be heard.

the voice that drifts in from afar.

it cannot be seen.

it cannot be touched.

the heart that bleeds from an internal war.

The healing touch after the realization of 'is"...

Let it come by itself.. for it cannot be willed.

Let it creep in unnoticed.. for it can not be made.

Let it come however.. Because u know it has no reason.

And u will have a chance to remember..

that it came from nowhere.

Life's simplest pleasure and greatest pain.

and enriched you forever.

Survive it...

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