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It comes from Nowhere

Did you ever sit on your doorstep and smell the dew on the fresh leaves ?

Ever walked on the beach in the dark and felt the sand shift under your feet ?

Were you rushing to work, met a friend at the redlight & called in sick ?

They come from nowhere.

Life's simplest pleasures..

The honest truth.

The sunniest smile.

The whackiest idea.

The realization that all that matters is , what IS.

It comes from nowhere.

The feeling that you can or that you just can not.

The confidence to take the first step or to pull through the last..

The love you feel when you see the innocent smile or the big thick tears.

The madness of being in the moment that is or of not being in the one that is not.

It comes from nowhere and leaves you richer.

If you will let it.

Just Let it..

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