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My Vision.

20 years ago, I penned down what I thought my life is going to be. The vision remains the same, the quantitative goals have somewhat changed :)

Vision, Mission, Life Philosophy or a taste of who I aspire to be.

My Vision..

It is an unrealized dream... That I want to realize into reality. For me, my vision is a frail figure, flitting across the sands of time, dancing on the morning dew, walking on a rainbow, a ghostly figure in white. Real - but not really real - a figment of my imagination,

who reaches out to pick a fallen flower and put it in her hair.

She is someone I strive to be... breathing in the freshness of the air, drawing strength from a leaf on the tree. She is humanity. A blend of the gallant knight, and the fairy princess, mixing the best in a man & the best in a woman... He is the breadwinner of the family, the pillar of strength that will not fall, the Hero, who will be the star. Someone they are proud of, Someone they look up to - to learn from. The man in shining armor. Tough - yet gentle, mysterious - yet simple, Handsome - but not perfect, Yes - he too can make mistakes - but maybe..just one at a time. He - who makes you proud to be a She. She, the epitome of goodness, and inner beauty. so fair, so just, honest and pure. Love, it’s in her eyes. Caring, in her touch. She is your support system - always there. No matter what you do, No matter where you go. She inspires you to cross the widest river, Without a boat... To reach to the top. She makes you believe you can, Because she trusts you to perform. Whatever be the task, whatever be the hurdle, She inspires you to reach out and touch the stars. That's what I want to be, That is where I want to go, On the journey to the perfection of humanity. And as I go on this exciting path, along the way, I want to contribute. I want to make a difference. To the people, I live with. To the people, I work with, To the system around me, at home and at work. To take people along with me, Achieve some goals, some big, and some small. Some that will make a big difference, And also some that won't. Because, when you throw a pebble in the river, you know the ripples reach out far. I have to be careful. very careful. Not to upset someone else's boat as I launch mine...and I want to get there unharmed. And, if possible, with others along with me. Because he is a weary traveler that travels but alone...

And in the end, when I am gone, I would love to leave behind, if only one person who has understood where I was coming from, and where I was going to, and if he wants to do something, he would be able to draw from my life... add to his own.

And I would know, somehow, that, yes, I made a difference.

Not only to myself but to another human being as well - at least ONE. if not more...!

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