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Not lose it on the way..

I told my soul today.

Just stay.

for now, in this moment, today.

I told my heart today.

Keep beating,

for now, for the moment, for today.

I told my mind today.

Don't run,

relax, don't think about anything, today.

But, every now and then,

my soul goes a wandering ..

my heart beats too fast..

and my mind is abuzz with thoughts.

I want to look in the mirror and connect with my soul.

I want to gaze into the river and see the stars shining within.

I want to talk to someone and sort out the thoughts in my mind

But, I also heard it say that till 'I want..', 'I will keep wanting'..

So , I am trying to remove the wanting, but it seems the road is long ..

It seems to stretch forever and I am the lone traveler.

Bit by bit, I will try to cover it.

Just trying to think that this step could be the last one

that I will have to step alone.

And telling myself that, if no one joined me on this journey,

it is OK, because, this is my road and it has no goal and there are no directions.

I can wander as much as I wish because no one is waiting at the end of my road.

I just have to keep myself with me...and not lose it on the way.

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