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The lone traveler..

He, who walks alone,

May not be the fastest.

But he will be the surest.

He may not be the most joyous,

but he will have peace.

He may not be singing in a chorus,

but he will whistle his favorite tunes.

He, who walks alone,

May not have popularity as his virtue,

but he will have self respect.

He may not have someone to talk to,

but he can listen to his own thoughts.

He may not have many connections,

but he can connect with his inner self.

He, who walks alone,

May not be doing it out of his own choice,

but he can make the most of his solitude.

He, who walks alone,

he may have been deserted on his way,

but, that will not keep him from making his journey.

He, who walks alone,

He may also have cravings for a shadow

that will walk with him..

For his soul & his spirit to have a mirror.

On this arduous journey,

He may be walking alone, but his own reflections and inner strength...

Will make him overcome his 'tanha' and 'dukkha'.

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